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How To Find you Briggs Model Identification


Find Your Lawn Mower Engine Model Number Lawnmower owners will need to know their small engine model number in order to find your Briggs & Stratton manual and maintenance or repair parts. For push mowers, the lawnmower engine model number is generally the number stamped into metal directly on your engine. Some push mower engines come with a cover or “shroud”. It should be noted that these covers come in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes. If you have a push lawnmower powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine, your model number is in one of three locations.


  • On the front of the engine directly above the spark plug
  • On the front of the engine between the OHV symbol and the air cleaner
  • Stamped on the sheet metal above the muffler, either on the right or left side






Find Your Utility Engine Model Number For Briggs & Stratton utility engines, the mode numbers locations include:


  • Stamped on the OHV rocker cover – check the rewind side and OPPOSITE side of the rewind
  • The label on the fuel tank
  • For small, late model utility engines: model numbers are stamped in the metal near the spark plug
  • Mid-sized late-model engines include a metal tag directly above the rewind starter How to Find Your Riding Mower Engine Model Number Knowing the model number of your Briggs & Stratton® ride engine will make it easy to order maintenance or repair parts online or from your local dealer. The engine model number is the first 12 characters stamped into metal directly on your engine in one of two locations – on the valve cover or an aluminium tag. Watch this video to see how to locate this number on your piece of equipment.


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